Below is important information for members of Bribie Island Golf Club concerning the Special General Meeting called for 4.30pm on Monday 31st May.

The Board have sent communication to members opposing the reasons given for proposing a vote of non-confidence in the Board by our team ( ‘Save Brayden and The Pro Shop’) who have assembled in support of Brayden Campbell and Coastal Golf to prevent closure of their Pro Shop business and loss of jobs to the staff they employ. The reasons for this were clearly outlined in the following document which has been previously communicated to members –

In their letter of opposition to this motion, the Board have labelled this as ‘misinformation’, ‘without knowledge or substance’ and with ‘no one person ‘asking a Board member to seek clarification. Contrary to this, all communication by our team has been clearly communicated, done after seeking clarification from primary sources and acting genuinely on information available without lying or misdirection.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Board who we have elected to represent with an implied expectation of honesty and transparency. While the Board have made claims to discredit matters raised our team, they have not provided any material facts to support their claims. In contrast, the following facts can be provided to support counter claims that the Board are acting in a dishonest and misleading way.

  1. Item 9 of the Board response claims, ‘Not one person leading this process has asked any Board member for clarification of the topic under discussion’. This is a blatant lie, as an email was sent by Mike Thomson on 27 April 2021 , prior to any motion which included the following exact words – ‘I am considering taking action in relation to the committee’s decision not to renew Brayden’s contract. The letter explaining the reasons referred to recommendations from Golf Australia. I would like to see this review and believe this should be my entitlement as a member.’
  2. Items 4 & 5 claims false and misleading statements that the Golf shop will be shut down and members will lose their credits. This is in fact false information, as unlike the Board, our team have been open their communication and the substance of our communications are contained in writing (see link in opening paragraph). No where have the suggested claims been made.
  3. Item 11, claims ‘The previous Board made no decision or recommendation therefore leaving the current Board with a limited timeframe to investigate the matter’. In their correspondence to members on May 4 the Board state that they ‘carefully examine all the information and options presented, taking into account the planned future direction of the club and the future benefit to our members’. These statements are contradictory as careful consideration is not compatible with that of a rushed limited time decision.
  4. In their correspondence on May 4, 2021 the following statement is made. ‘Due to the impending expiration of the current Coastal Golf agreement and their request for further tenure, the Board had the opportunity to investigate which strategy would be best for the operation of the golf shop’. While we cannot comment on the investigations, we do know that there were no negotiations with Coastal Golf prior to their decision. The implication that Brayden was offered employment before this decision was also proven to be a lie. Our assertions are based on real information provided directly by Brayden himself.
  5. Item 7, ‘THE CLUB IS NOT DEPRIVING ANY GOLF SHOP STAFF OF THEIR LIVELIHOOD. This has never been the Board’s intention’. Our information (from primary sources) is that no staff member in the pro shop was offered employment prior the decision being made. Surely if this going to be offered by the Club would have spoken to these staff members in advance to assure them of their positions.
  6. The Board state ‘Golf Australia supplied a financial consultant free of charge to examine both scenarios to determine the best way forward.’ While we do not have access to payment records, we have an account from a member of Pine Rivers that a large amount of money was paid to the same consultant ‘Damien Brown’ when they successfully sought to remove their own golf pro shop. The web site for this consultant ( ) lists fees including what would appear to include retrospective renumeration for restructuring services of 3%. The Board have never provided this report despite it being requested and members should be very sceptical that this was provided as a free service. These records should be scrutinized when the clubs accounts are next audited.

After three pages of casting aspersions to discredit the integrity and truthfulness of our team members, the final paragraph of their statement dealt with the issue that has sparked this motion.  ‘The Board has re-opened negotiations with Coastal Golf in an endeavour to reach a satisfactory result for the future benefit of both parties’. While promising, this is by no means a guarantee, and given the other mistruths communicated by the board we believe that all members should be passionate about enforcing this by voting for the motion of no-confidence. In the event that an agreement was struck with Brayden before the meeting, the scrupulous manner in which the contract renewal was dismissed together with the lack of honesty and transparency has left members with no faith in the Board and the ensuing conflict may make continuance moving forward untenable.

In summary, the current Board have acted in a manner largely inconsistent with the interests of its’ members. Lack of honesty and transparency has lost member trust. Members need to attend the Special General Meeting on Monday 31st August and support the motion of no confidence in the committee. A two-third majority vote is required so your attendance is vital.